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Technical Details

Pipe lengths

TERRATHERM underfloor heating pipe is available in a variety of coil lengths, enabling the installation of continuous circuits with minimal pipe wastage.

16 50
16 120
16 300

Peak life cycle operating temperatures/pressures

Although the design temperatures and pressures encountered in underfloor heating systems are generally lower than that of conventional heating systems, the table below illustrates the peak life cycle operating temperatures and pressures of the TERRATHERM system.

20°C 30°C 40°C 50°C 60°C 70°C 80°C 95°C Short
at 114°C
Safe pressures:
Bar 12 11.5 11 10.5 9 8 7 6 3
PSI 174 167 160 152 131 116 102 87 43.5
Head of water (m) 120 115 110 105 90 80 70 60 29


TERRATHERM underfloor heating pipe is manufactured within a Quality Management System, which satisfies BS EN ISO 9001 requirements.


TERRATHERM has a minimum design life expectancy of 50 years provided the system is installed in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. These recommendations include service temperatures and pressures. Peak life cycle operating temperatures/pressures are given in the adjacent table. As a result of its rigorous Quality Management Programme, LEAP offer a 50 year guarantee against defects in materials or manufacturing of TERRATHERM.


Please note: this information is only a summary. Your plumber will need to contact a LEAP supplier for a copy of the Installation Manual which has other important information.