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Homeowners are discovering the benefits of underfloor central heating - and increasingly they're turning to TERRATHERM to provide it.

TERRATHERM works on a very simple principle, known since Roman times, of circulating hot water through flexible pipes under the floor. It distributes heat evenly around a room, creating a wonderful sense of well-being that surrounds you - starting from your feet where you really want to be warm.

With no high-temperature surfaces to touch, TERRATHERM is ideal if you have children in the house. It's also tidy and discreet with no unsightly heaters or vents intruding on the lines of your room and furnishings.

With energy prices rising, economy in a heating system is increasingly important. Here too TERRATHERM delivers. It can be connected to energy efficient heat pump water heating systems that delivers heated water at relatively cheaper costs that traditional heat sources such as gas or electric heaters.

Central heating controls can also be tailored to turn the heat off (or down) in individual rooms or areas (zones) you're not using.