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Why SOLARGENIUS is better

Saves energy

SOLARGENIUS systems can save up to 75% of your home heating costs, depending on how much hot water you use and your current water heating fuel. Further savings can be made if you connect SOLARGENIUS to a MANIFLOW from LEAP system. You can also insulate your hot water cylinder and pipes or fit SOLARGENIUS with a wetback to increase cost savings.

Pays for itself

With current energy prices, SOLARGENIUS will pay for itself within a few years. Plus it will continue to provide many years offree hot water after the initial cost is recouped.

Unobtrusive design

SOLARGENIUS is designed to be discreet and visually acceptable on all types of roof. Brackets and stands are available for flat roofs.

Proven and tested

SOLARGENIUS is designed for a service life in excess of 10 years. All systems comply with the latest European and Australian/NewZealand standards and come with comprehensive warranties against defects in materials or manufacture.

Connects to existing pipework

SOLARGENIUS can be connected to your existing hot water cylinder or new hot water cylinder, either in mains or low pressure water systems.

Continuous supply of hot water

On average, New Zealand receives 2,000 hours of sunshine each year- enough to keep you in solar heated water nearly year-round. Plus SOLARGENIUS ET systems are fitted with backup heating to ensure you always have a ready supply of hot water even on days when the sun is not shining.

Clean and free energy

Solar energy is clean, renewable and free. By heating your water with the sun's energy, you not only save money and energy, but put less stress on the environment as well.

Easy to install

SOLARGENIUS' copper push-fit manifold makes for easy installation and orientation of glass tubes.

Strong, non-corrosive system

SOLARGENIUS' frame is constructed from strong non corrosive stainless steel, resulting in a long-lasting system.