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SOLARGENIUS harnesses clean, free solar energy to heat water quickly and effectively, even on cloudy days. Evacuated tubes have a vacuum that acts as a super-efficient heat trap. Heat pipes located within the evacuated tubes then conduct the heat trapped within the tube up to the header to heat water

The copper heat pipes are also evacuated and attached to aluminiumnitride heat fins to maximise solar energy absorption and heat transfer. On a sunny day, these heat fins and heat pipes can exceed 150°C very quickly.

As the heat is conducted to the top of the solar panel, a solar controller senses the rise in temperatureand moves water to the panel to beheated. The heated water is thencirculated back to a storage hot water cylinder.

A circulating pump moves the water to and from the panel. The system's solar controller and circulating pump together with any auxiliary heating keeps water in thehot water cylinder at a constant temperature - ensuring you have a reliable supply of hot water heated by the sun.