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Technical Details


SAFETEMP 157749413651110
SAFETEMP 207749413651110


SAFETEMP should only be installed by a registered plumber and in accordance with the National Plumbing and Drainage Code AS/NZS 3500. The installer must meet all the relevant statutory and local requirements and follow the installation instructions supplied or the warranties may be void.


SAFETEMP should be installed where it will be easily accessible when the cartridge needs replacing. Isolating valves are recommended for easy access and cleaning of the strainers.

SAFETEMP can be installed anywhere along the hot water line, but preferably as close as possible to the hot water unit.

Supply pressures

SAFETEMP performs best when the hot and cold water supplies have equal dynamic pressures. Ideally, hot and cold water should be delivered via pressure control valves.

Temperature adjustment

Every valve must be adjusted onsite to ensure water is being delivered at the required temperature.

Please note: this information is only a summary. Your plumber will need to contact a LEAP supplier for a copy of the Installation Manual which has other important information.