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Hot water needs to be at least 60°C in the cylinder to prevent dangerous legionella bacteria growing. But it shouldn’t be that hot at the tap.

That’s because water at 60°C can cause third degree burns in less than a second. A few degrees makes all the difference. At 50°C for instance, hot water takes a full five minutes to burn. Most people can’t react fast enough to protect themselves – especially young children and the elderly who are particularly at risk because their skin tends to be thinner and softer.

That’s why hot water systems must have a temperature control device on the pipes leading to ablutionary areas. SAFETEMP is one of the most reliable and convenient ways to keep your family and guests safe from dangerously hot water.

Its unique design keeps tap temperatures at a safe level, using a special cartridge that detects incoming water temperatures and adjusts the blend. This cartridge is replaceable, saving you having to replace the whole valve at regular intervals, as you do with other types of valve.