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Why SAFETEMP is better


The unique design ensures hot water delivered to your taps won’t exceed 50°C, reducing the potential for burns.


The SAFETEMP tempering valve accurately detects the incoming hot and cold temperatures and adjusts the blend.

Failsafe feature

If for some reason cold water supply doesn’t reach the SAFETEMP tempering valve, it automatically shuts off the hot water to prevent scalding.


SAFETEMP tempering valve has a replaceable cartridge your plumber can remove and replace easily and economically. Other safety valves have to be discarded and replaced after they reach the end of their working life, which is usually around five years.


Because of its unique design and construction, SAFETEMP tempering valve is guaranteed against material or manufacturing defects for 5 years. Currently it’s the only safety valve guaranteed for so long.


The SAFETEMP tempering valve is designed, manufactured and approved for performance and reliability to AS4032.1 and AS4020. It carries the WaterMark Licence WMKA21004 and is approved for use in all states and territories of Australia and in New Zealand.