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Why MANIFLOW is better

Reduces water wastage

With conventional systems, eachtime you turn the hot tap on you have to drain off and waste a lot ofcooled water before hot waterarrives. With MANIFLOW, pipes of a smaller diameter connected almost directly to the cylinder mean much less is wasted before the hot water arrives. You get hot water almost instantaneously and significant savings in water use that add up over time.

Saves energy

When you turn the tap off, there'sless water remaining in the pipelineto cool off, reducing the amount ofenergy wasted.

Reduces sudden temperature changes

The MANIFLOW manifold has a reservoir that helps keep the pressure of your hot water much more consistent. No more "aaaagh!" from the shower when someone fills the tub in the laundry or turns the sink tap on.

Needs no maintenance

Flexible, non-metallic MANIFLOW pipes run directly to the fixture. There are none of the hard-to access joints behind walls or in ceilings where leaks often start.


All MANIFLOW pipes and fittings are guaranteed for 50 years from material or manufacturing defects when installed by licensed plumbers trained and accredited in the MANIFLOW system.


Flexible, small diameter MANIFLOW pipes eliminate water hammer and water noise.

Clean and safe

With MANIFLOW there's no risk of metallic compounds leaching into your water. It doesn't corrode, and doesn't provide the sort of environment where scale or microbes can build up and meets the toughest water quality standards in the world, including AS4020.

Reduces freezing bursts

Flexible polybutylene pipes reduce the chance of pipes bursting from freezing, making MANIFLOW a smart choice in frost-prone areas.

Quality approved

All pipes and fittings used in MANIFLOW are designed, manufactured and approved for performance and reliability to AS/NZS 2642. They carry the WaterMark Licence WMKA01963 and are approved for use in all states and territories of Australia and in New Zealand.