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LEAP at the Aotea Open Day

LEAP is excited to join forces with Carrus Corporation at the Aotea Open Day on the 30th March 2014.... More

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MANIFLOW saves energy and conserves water by having a dedicated small bore pipeline from a manifold near the hot water cylinder to each tap or fixture in the house. This design results in a lower volume of water sitting in the pipeline between the hot water souce and each tap or shower fixture.

When the tap or fixture is turned on, hot water flows directly from the manifold straight to where it is needed. As the volume of water is much smaller between the tap or shower fixture and the hot water source (as compared top traditional plumbing designs) the hot water arrives faster.

When the tap or shower is switched off, the amount of heated water that remains in the pipeline is minimal (as compared to traditional plumbing) resulting in less energy wasted.

The manifold design also minmises "shower shocks" when a tap is turned on when the shower is in use.


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