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Why ThermaGenius is Better


A THERMAGENIUS draws approximately 1/3 to 1/4 of the electricity of standard electrical hot water elements for the same amount of heating, reducing utility bills and greenhouse gas emissions accordingly. Heat pumps are more efficient than oil, gas, and electric resistance heating in climates such as New Zealand or Australia.

Connects to existing plumbing

THERMAGENIUS can be integrated to existing under floor heating or other home hydronic heating systems. Existing hot water heating systems can be retrofitted with a THERMAGENIUS.


Because of its unique design and construction, THERMAGENIUS is guaranteed against material or manufacturing defects for 5 years.

Suitable for cold conditions

Some heat pumps can lose efficiency if they’re installed in a region with temperatures typically lower than 5ºC. This is because winter frost builds up on the outdoor heat exchanger coils, which prevents the unit from heating water efficiently.

THERMAGENIUS uses a highly efficient active de-icing method to stop this from occurring. An added benefit is that this method uses approximately 60% less energy than traditional de-icing systems.

Automated to run efficiently and safety

Multiple sensors and switches have been incorporated into THERMAGENIUS to ensure the unit isn’t damaged in the unlikely event of a malfunction. Such devices include compressor time delay protection (which ensures motor temperatures are correct during start phase), sensor fault protection for water, evaporator and ambient air temperatures and water flow protection to ensure adequate flow.

Intelligent controller

THERMAGENIUS comes with an intelligent controller allowing users to manage operation of their system including timers for “on and/or off" functions, and features to integrate with other heating devices such as solar or backup electricity.