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LEAP at the Aotea Open Day

LEAP is excited to join forces with Carrus Corporation at the Aotea Open Day on the 30th March 2014.... More

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THERMAGENIUS Integral Outdoor Hot Water Heat Pumps extract renewable energy stored in the air to heat water. Unlike solar water heating systems, THERMAGENIUS is less dependent on weather and operates throughout the year even during long winter nights. THERMAGENIUS is extremely efficient resulting in a low payback period.

Unobtrusive, easy to install and cost effective, a THERMAGENIUS is a great way to provide hot water for the home, underfloor heating, spas or swimming pools. The only energy used by a THERMAGENIUS is electricity to power the pumps but delivering on average three times as much thermal energy (heat).

Our outdoor unit comes with a hot water cylinder and a heat pump unit on top. This can be situated outside the house.

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