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Why BLAZESTOP is better


BLAZESTOP is designed to meet New Zealand Standard NZS 4517:2202 Fire Sprinkler Systems for houses and complies with New Zealand Building Code (NZBC) Clause G12 water supplies.

Individual room response

BLAZESTOP is triggered by heat, not smoke, and doesn’t rely on electricity. If the temperature in a room indicates fire, the sprinkler in that room activates instantly and automatically.

Douses fires fast, minimises water damage

By containing and controlling a fire in a single room, usually within three to five minutes, there’s less fire and water damage. Sprinklers use 40 to 80 litres a minute, compared to 700 litres a minute used by the Fire Service.


BLAZESTOP fits into any new or existing residential plumbing system. No need for extensive new piping or a special water supply.

Easy to install

BLAZESTOP is light and flexible, making it easy and cost-effective to install, even in hard-to-reach areas. Push-fit fittings don’t need flame or heat-based jointing methods so they’re much safer to work with, especially in restricted spaces.


Made from durable polybutylene that isn’t affected by scaling, corrosion or microbiological growth.

50 Year guarantee

BLAZESTOP pipes and fittings are guaranteed for 50 years against defects in material or workmanship (when they’ve been installed by accredited registered plumbers following approved guidelines).


BLAZESTOP has none of the water related noises and water hammer associated with metal and rigid plastic systems.


Designed especially for the home environment. You can even choose concealed sprinkler heads set into the ceiling with only the decorative cover (flat or domed) visible.