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A fire in your home can be devastating, taking lives and destroying treasured possessions. Time is vital – a fire doubles in size every 30 seconds. That’s why sprinkler systems are mandatory in many public buildings.

BLAZESTOP puts peace-of-mind sprinkler protection within reach of private homeowners, because it simply links to a normal domestic water supply. In fact, any registered plumber trained in the system can install it.

Reacting instantly to heat, the BLAZESTOP unit (or units) nearest a fi re isolate and douse fl ames, getting water where it’s needed far faster than the Fire Service might – and in far smaller amounts than they would need to use.

BLAZESTOP can be installed wherever you need it and most rooms only need one sprinkler. Sprinklers come in a range of designs and colours designed especially to fit discreetly in a home setting, and all piping is concealed.

Depending on your home, BLAZESTOP can offer you protection against the catastrophe of fire for around the same price you’d pay for a major appliance.