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Introduction to Poo pit

Wormall Group’s Poo Pit is the result of over 30 years of 'hands on' experience in the Civil Infrastructure industry. Extensive research, development and testing has produced a maintenance shaft that is lightweight, safe, versatile, cost effective and most importantly, user friendly.

In accordance with Water Corporation of Western Australia Regulations, it is permissible to install up to four consecutive maintenance shafts (Poo Pits), at spacings of 100 metres. Maximum distance between Type 1, full sized, precast access manholes is 500 metres. Using the Poo Pit potentially eliminates the need for four full sized Type 1 access manholes.

Available in two sizes (600mm and 900mm diameter), the Poo Pit has superior impact resistant characteristics due to being manufactured from rotomoulded UV resistant polyethylene. There is no need to encase the Poo Pit in concrete as is the case with PVC products. Other benefits of the design include easy manual handling and excellent water resistance.

Every Poo Pit guarantees a 100% watertight joint. Traditionally the joining of Polyethylene (PE) to PVC has required the use of mechanical and rubber ring joints which both have inherent problems achieving and maintaining a watertight joint. The Poo Pit is fabricated using Wormall Group’s unique “Advanced Solvent Joint�?, developed specifically for this product and is another innovation in the civil construction industry. This ensures the 100% watertight joint, with all products individually air tested before delivery to site.

The Poo Pit is the only maintenance shaft which can achieve any horizontal deflection and any vertical grade variation without the use of additional fittings such as deflection/kicker bends.

Therefore, the Poo Pit will fit into any existing system with no need to redesign the project to suit the maintenance shaft.