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Installation Instructions


  1. Cut the HepFlex™ Waste pipe square using suitable cutters.
  2. Ensure the inner surface of the HepFlex™ Waste pipe and the tapered spigot of the HepFlex™ Waste fittings are clean and dry.
  3. Apply solvent cement evenly over mating surfaces of both pipe and tapered spigot. Insert the tapered spigot into the pipe with a slight twisting action to the full spigot depth.
  4. Surplus cement should be removed with a cloth.The joint should be firm enough to handle within 5 minutes.
Note:There is a small gap between the I.D. of the pipe and the O.D. of the tapered spigot. This is to allow sufficient solvent cement into the joint to make a good weld.

Straight Runs

HepFlex™ Waste pipe is not recommended for runs longer than 1m. Horizontal lengths greater than 200mm should be supported every 150mm.When connecting HepFlex™

Waste to short lengths of rigid pipe, the rigid pipe needs to be supported using a minimumof 2 clips.

The location of the clips should be not more than 100mm from the ends of the rigid pipe to accommodate fittings and positional adjustment.


It is recommended that HepFlex™ Waste pipe is not bent tighter than four times diameter.

The table below gives the minimum length of pipe needed to create the required angle.

Offset Bends

The table below gives the length of pipe required to create an offset for a given distance.The offset distances given are the minimum possible to retain the required four times diameter bend.