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Case Study - Hawkes Bay Lakeside House



Client: John and Judy D

Location: Hawkes Bay

Project: Lakeside house

Systems Installed: THERMAGENIUS heat pump water heating, TERRATHERM hydronic heating; SOLARGENIUS solar water heating, BLAZESTOP fire sprinkler system


Comments from the homeowner:

"We are very pleased with the LEAP system in our home.

We have a complete integrated design of solar water heating, underfloor heating, heat pump, wetback and fire sprinklers and all the individual elements work together nicely.

We get the benefit of lower power bills along with year round hot water and the underfloor heating keeps us warm and dry in winter.

Being out in the country we are particularly pleased with the BLAZESTOP fire sprinkler system - this gives us peace of mind. We can relax in our home knowing we are looked after.

We would absolutely recommend anyone to get a LEAP system in their home - no hesitation."

JOHN AND JUDY D - Owners, Hawkes Bay