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Case Study - Auckland Town House



Client: Daryl M

Location: Auckland

Project: Inner City Town house

Systems Installed: SOLARGENIUS solar water heating, THERMAGENIUS heat pump water heating, TERRATHERM hydronic heating


Comments from the homeowner:

"We've been living in the house for 2 years now. We're pleased to say we get a low power bill in summer and in winter the house is warm and dry - everything we wanted.

LEAP provided great service and the whole process was straightforward.

There are definitely efficiencies in the cost of installing one system and it is much easier not to have multiple products and systems to deal with. We've consciously designed a well insulated, double glazed home, and the hydronic heating system works well. We can run the underfloor heating throughout winter. The concrete floors heat up quickly and stay warm for a long time.

I'd definitely recommend a LEAP system to others."

DARYL M - Architect, Owner - Auckland