LEAP helping out HOBANZ and Colleen Dicks

Colleen Dicks became the face of the Leaky Home debacle when she won a case against the Waitakere City Council for negligence in passing building work that proved to be substantially deficient, leading to the condemning of her house. Unfortunately the great bulk of the money she won in court was then claimed by her law firm, leaving her with insufficient funds to rebuild her home.

Three years after winning her case, she was still living with her children, her home having been condemned and demolished.

Through HOBANZ, the Home Owners and Buyers Association of NZ Inc and a huge number of dedicated companies Colleen is about to get a new home. LEAP is pleased to have been able to contribute to this worthy cause, helping Colleen and HOBANZ out with a BLAZESTOP fire sprinkler system, THERMAGENIUS heat pump water heating system and a lovely TERRATHERM hydronic heating system. All these items will help to keep Colleen warm, dry, healthy and environmentally friendly in her new home.

For more information about Colleen and to see all the other amazing companies who donated time and money to this cause you can visit the Facebook page



or the HOBANZ website



You can also watch Close Up on TV One this Thursday night at 7pm to see Colleen getting the first glimpse at her new house and everyone who has helped.

We can't wait!