LEAP is helping out the New Zealand Solar Decathlon team

Every two years, the U.S Department of Energy Solar Decathlon competition illuminates the National Mall in Washington D.C with a working display of energy innovation in action. It is one of the most ambitious and inspiring events in the United States.


It challenges 20 university teams, through a series of 10 contests, to demonstrate inventive clean-energy solutions by building solar powered houses that feature cost-effective, energy efficient construction and incorporate energy saving appliances and renewable energy systems.

Victoria University of Wellington has been selected as one of 20 university teams to compete in the Solar Decathlon 2011 - the only winning team, ever, from the Southern Hemisphere.

The First Light house that they have designed channels the essence of the iconic "Kiwi bach" - a focus on recreation, socialisation, and outdoor living. The house utilises simple strategies to minimise energy consumption, and maximise solar energy. The building envelope is highly insulated, but most importantly it is flexible to climatic conditions, with shading screens to maximise or reduce solar gain as needed.

LEAP is very pleased to announce that they are onboard to help out the Solar Decathlon team with all their plumbing and water heating requirements. We will be right behind the team as they work towards Washington in 2011 using great LEAP products and systems that work efficiently to create a smarter home.

For more information on the team and the project visit www.firstlighthouse.ac.nz.