LEAP and Rata - working towards sustainability

LEAP is pleased to announce a new relationship with Rata Sustainable Certification Programme. Rata is helping LEAP to achieve certification by informing, educating, supporting and instilling the values of sustainability into their company.

Rata comment that 'sustainability is not a buzz word, it's a movement', and LEAP agree. LEAP are always searching for ways to improve their offering to consumers and through the education of the Rata programme, believe they can make some big differences to how they run their business.

In the Rata programme everyone from the business owners to the staff are encouraged to be involved and make a difference. This approach, Rata believes, builds a stronger team environment, helps to change business culture and rewards success - which all helps towards achieving a sustainable business, inside and out.

Rata's model has been built from the 'ground up' says Warren and Sandra Pringle of Rata; and reflects their own experiences with achieving other sustainable ratings. To contact the Rata team for more information you can call 04 478 4228, email enquiry@ratacert.co.nz or visit the Rata website www.ratacert.co.nz.

We'll keep you updated on our progress!