LEAP on Greenlist.co.nz

LEAP is pleased to promote Greenlist.co.nz, a new website brought to you by the Sustainable Business Network and ECOBOB. Greenlist has been designed to help you make good choices about the products and services you buy - and we wanted to be a part of that.

Finding the ‘ultimate’ sustainable product or service is hard but there are plenty of products and services with good sustainability qualities. By choosing these products and services over others we can support companies who are doing the right thing and send a signal to others for a change. You can find information on LEAP's THERMAGENIUS Heat Pump Water Heating Systems and SOLARGENIUS Evacuated Tube Solar Water Heating Systems on the Greenlist site along with loads of other great companies.

The team at Greenlist say that "sustainability is really about sustaining human life for the long-term; about an enlightened self interest. For us to be successful at this we need to re-examine much of what we currently do – our cities, our businesses, our consumption habits and more. This directory is an attempt to re-examine the contribution that the products & services we use make". Sounds good to us!!

Just click on the link below to start searching today: