Leap Counts on Greentree During Aussie Expansion

Find out more about LEAP's innovative accounting software - Greentree

IStart, New Zealand's e-Business Portal, has recently published a case study about Leap and it's innovative accounting software - Greentree:

"When this NZ headquartered water systems company launched its innovative polybutylene plumbing system into the Australian market, it leapfrogged its competitors by five years. In so doing, it tapped into a potential customer base of approximately 30,000 plumbers, not to mention architects, builders and inspectors and, that's just in Australia. Add to this around 7,000 or so plumbers in New Zealand and you're talking about needing a Business and Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) with enough grunt to collect, record, invoice, analyse and glean business intelligence from possibly thousands of daily customer interactions."  

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