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Why FRESHFLOW is better

Prevents odours form escaping

The elastomeric one-way membrane of FRESHFLOW’s HepvO valve opens to allow wastewater through, then closes, forming a tight seal to stop odours re-entering the room.


Water held in traditional traps can stagnate resulting in the build-up of waste material – particularly under less frequently used fi xtures. This in turn can cause bacterial or fungal growth that can escape back into your home. Because it’s water free, FRESHFLOW’s HepvO valve doesn’t promote this build-up.

Reliable, effective

The unique construction of FRESHFLOW’s HepvO valve prevents sewer gases re-entering your home in situations where water seals are weak. It’s effective against selfsiphonage, compression, wind, momentum, leakage, induced siphonage, evaporation, foaming, capillary action and movement.

Saves space

Accommodating the bend of a traditional trap often requires cutting through shelves or floors. With FRESHFLOW’s HepvO valve, piping can be installed in a straight line or at a neat 90° angle from the fixture’s outlet.

Greater design flexibility

Designers enjoy greater flexibility in designing a wastewater system using FRESHFLOW’s HepvO valve because they don’t have to work to safety margins required to avoid the possible loss of a water seal.

Tested and approved

The FRESHFLOW HepvO valve has been rigorously tested for most conditions that could be encountered when connected to typical fixtures. It carries the WaterMark Licence WMKT20062 and is manufactured to international standards.

More efficient piping

FRESHFLOW’s HepFlex Waste range provides a simpler, more efficient way of connecting fixtures and waste outlets. It can be bent in multiple angles, retaining precise alignment first time, every time. The long run reduces the number of fittings needed and the time required to solvent-weld them.