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Technical Details

HEPvO valve applications

Can be used on the outlet of a fixture or appliance as an alternative to a standard trap, as per AS/NZS 3500 – dependant on site conditions and local authority requirements.

It provides a permanent seal when connected downstream to a tundish, accepting condensate lines from air conditioning or other intermittent discharge systems, and does not require a trap primer.

Mounting options

Can be installed at any angle from vertical to horizontal. Discharge pipes should have sufficient grade to convey the design flow but should be no flatter than 2.5% or 1 in 40.

End connections

Universal threaded BS 32mm or 40mm.

Universal Compression Outlet 32mm or 40mm.

The inlet has a loose nut and seal ring to connect with the threaded outlets of fi xtures. It may also be adapted to a pipe using a running adaptor BV3 or CV3.

The outlet has a universal connection comprising seal ring, washer and compression nut.


Body: Polypropylene

Sealing mechanism: Various

Sealing rings: EPDM

Washer: Nylon

Flow Capacity

Based on 50mm head of flat-based receptacle.

HorizontalBV1A: 40l/m
CV1A: 50 l/m


BV1A: 60 l/m
CV1A: 70 l/m

Temperature / maintenance

Maximum operating temperature 75°C. Based on testing over 10,000 cycles.

Resistant to standard caustic-based drain cleaners. Drain-cleaning solutions containing high concentrations of sulphuric acid must not be used.

When rodding or flushing with a sulphuric acid solution, the valve must be removed before the operation.

HEPFLEX waste piping

3m by 32mm or 40mm smooth bore white PVC flexible waste pipe.

Available with 32mm or 40mm white ABS spigot connectors.

Recommended for runs up to 1m.

Horizontal lengths greater than 200mm need supporting every 150mm.

Bends: can be at angles up to four times tighter than diameter.

Please note: this information is only a summary. Your plumber will need to contact a LEAP supplier for a copy of the Installation Manual which has other important information.