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Small diameter clay pipes

LEAP has now established itself as the leading supplier of Vitrified Clay Pipes in Australia. Our SuperSleve pipes have gained widespread acceptance and praise from both Contractors and Water Authorities mostly because of "user friendly" features such as:-

  • They are almost 40% lighter than traditional Vitrified Clay Pipes and therefore offer considerable savings with on-site handling costs.
  • SuperSleve is supplied in long lengths – 150mm are 1.75 metres, and 225mm and 300mm are 2.00 metres.
  • They are collarless, utilizing polypropylene couplings for jointing – which means no more burst collars.
  • SuperSleve pipes have extremely low porosity, which means, unlike old V.C. pipes, they do not create a damp environment to which tree roots are attracted. The ultra-smooth surface and the rubber-ring interface pressures also contribute to preventing root intrusion.
  • They can be cut and joined at any length thus negating the need for expensive shorts and virtually eliminating wastage.

Apart from these obvious benefits over traditional V.C. pipes, a number of Contractors have also realized the benefits SuperSleve pipes offer over uPVC pipes. Significant savings are achieved using SuperSleve because of the reduced costs associated with the need for two-thirds less imported backfill. Add to this the cost savings realized by not having to do time consuming ovality tests – not to mention the costs and time associated with an ovality failure – and SuperSleve is actually cheaper “in the ground?.

Water Authorities and Consulting Engineering companies are now also realizing the many benefits of the SuperSleve System particularly in relation to the “Whole of Life Cost Benefit Analysis? (or NPV) advantages. Additionally, the very real Environmental problems caused both globally and locally by the manufacture and use of uPVC compared to the manufacture and use of V.C. are now being acknowledged around the world.

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